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In 2020 my second Argentine album came out, 'Cuentos de lo Profundo'. You can now listen to three new remixes of the same sessions we did in 2019 with Sebastián de Urquiza and Mariano Agustoni that have not yet been published...​

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Concerts 2023:

March 31st. Leo Alvarez Cuarteto. Borges - Borges 1975, Buenos Aires, Argentina

March 18th. Presentation 'Urban Tales'. La Cuerda Mecanica - Juramento 4686, Buenos Aires, Argentina


February 12th. Sophie Lüssi Quartet. Villa Irniger, 17.00. Zürich, Switzerland


February 11th. The Sprockets ("IT"). Filmpodium, 20.45. Nüschelerstrasse 11, Zürich, Switzerland


February 10th. Sophie Lüssi Quartet. Jazzclub Esse, 20.15. Zeughausstrasse 52, Winterthur, Switzerland


January 8th. Koh-I-Noor Saxophone Quartet. Het Wilde Westen, Utrecht, The Netherlands

































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