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2023 "The Unholy Three" (music for silent movie. saxophone, bassoon, bass clarinet, violin, cello and piano)

2022 “Low quartet” (saxophone quartet)

2022 “Dos danzas y medio” (reed quintet)

2022 "No es un Tango?" (2 saxes and piano)

2022 “Moral” (music for silent movie. two saxophones and piano)

2021 "En el jardin de criaturas chiquitas" (reed quintet)
2021 “Three interlocked pieces” (saxophone solo)
2021 “Dark Minds” (alto sax and violin)
2020 “Stagestruck” (music for silent movie. 2 saxes, piano, and percussion)

2020 “Lugares” (Saxophone Orchestra and solo alto sax)

2020 “Trio” (2 saxes and piano)

2019 “One Week” (music for silent movie. woodwind quartet)

2019 “Tres miniaturas” (saxophone quartet)

2018 “Eine tolle nacht” (music for silent movie. two saxophones, trombone, tuba, piano, guitar,  double bass and percussion)

2017 “St.Moritz” (music for silent movie. piano)

2015 - 2017 Various compositions and arrangements for Cuarteto Frido ter Beek (saxophone, guitar, bass and drums) and the Roseti Project (saxophone, trombone, drums)

2014 “Verf” (bass trombone, alto saxophone  and viola)
2014 “Crackles” (Big Band)
2014  music for silent shorts de Méliès (alto saxophone and piano)
2014 “Dodecaphunk” (marimba and saxophone/flute)
2014 “Maya” (marimba and saxophone/flute)
2013 “Minimal Damage” (marimba and saxophone/flute)
2013 “Duo” (harp and soprano saxophone)
2012 - 2014 Various compositions and arrangements for The One armed Octopus (saxophone, guitar, bass and drums)

2012 “Nema Aviona za Zagreb” (electronic music for film)
2012 “The Cure”(music for silent movie. two saxophones, piano, guitar, double bass and percussion)
2012 “Tabu” (music for silent movie. symphony orchestra)
2011 “Grounded, Mist & Fly” (harp and clarinet)
2010 “Clazzmic Strut” (wind ensemble and rhythm section)
2010 “Short Stories” (saxophone quartet and piano)
2009 “Black Please” (tenor saxophone and marimba)
2009 “The Unknown Saxophonist” (saxophone quartet)
2008 - 2014. Various compositions and arrangements forTimboektoe Big Band.
2008 “Out of Order” (saxophone quartet)
2006 “Bevlogen Waterland” (music for film)
2005 “Three Movements” (alto saxophone and piano)
2004 “Intuitions” (saxophone quartet and electronics)

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